Peoria Co. Townships

Akron Brimfield
Chillicothe Elmwood
Hallock Hollis
Jubilee Kickapoo
Limestone Logan
Medina Millbrook
Peoria City Princeville
Radnor Richwoods
Rosefield Timber
Trivoli West Peoria

Adjacent counties

Stark Co: N
Marshall Co: NE
Woodford Co: E
Tazewell Co: S
Fulton Co: SW
Knox Co: NW

County Formation

Akron Est. Nov. 6, 1849
Location: Northern tier bordering on Marshall county
First Settler: Hugh Montgomery, came in 1831 and located on section 7.
Rail Roads: Rock Island and Peoria Railroad runs through the southwest corner.
Other: West Halleck Cheese Factory
Brimfield Est. Nov. 6, 1849
Named after the chief town of Brimfield.
First Settler: Philip Atkinson
Town/Villages:  Charleston changed to current name of Brimfield in 1842-3 and Inc. Mar. 2, 1843 / French Grove
Rail Roads: C. B. & Q. railroad passes through the east side
Other: Brimfield House (Hotel)
Chillicothe Est. Nov. 6, 1849  - First Settler: Maylin Supton came in1829
Chillicothe laid out as a town in July, 1836 and Inc.. Feb. 22, 1861  Formerly North Chillicothe Annexed to
Rome laid out by Jefferson Taliaferro and the plat filed, December 24, 1832.In 1835 it was important steamboat landing.
Rail Roads: Bureau branch of the C. R. I. & P. railroad.
Water Ways: Illinois River, Seneachwine Creek
Other: American House, tavern, The Farmers' Mill, Woods Hotel, Will House (Hotel),  Contains part of LaSalle prairie.
Elmwood Est. Nov. 6, 1849
Township named after the main city Elmwood.
 Oak Hill, Elmwood Inc. Feb. 27, 1867, Southport
Rail Roads: C. B. & Q.
Water Ways: Kickapoo Creek, Mile Creek, West Bank creek and another but don't know the name.
Minerals/Coal: Had 3 coal banks
Hallock Est. Nov. 6, 1849
Lawnridge, Edelstein, S. Hampton and N. Hampton, sec.13 - abt 2 miles W. of Chillicothe.
Village used to have 180 people plus in the 1860's to 1880's.
LaSalle Precinct 1828's -
Hollis Est. Nov. 6, 1849
First named Lafayette name changed about 1849 to the current Hollis Township.
Towns/Villages: Copperas- (a.k.a.: Copperas Creek). The village sat between Glasford & Kingston Mines.
Kingston Mines Inc. Dec. 12, 1894
Minerals/Mines: Kingston Mines
Jubilee Est. Nov. 6, 1849
(Robin's Nest 1875) Jubilee
Other: Fango Run
Kickapoo Est. Nov. 6, 1849
Name changed from Orange (date unknown, probably 1850)
Towns/Villages: Kickapoo, Pottstown and (Edwards Sta. 1875)
Rail Roads: Quincy
Minerals: Had Coal Mines
Other: The Big Hollow Butter and Cheese Factory Company
Water Ways: Forge Branch Creek, Kickapoo Creek
Limestone Est. Nov. 6, 1849
(Dowdallville, Rutherford, 1875)  Bartonville was Inc. June 2, 1903
Rails Roads: Rock Island
Minerals/Coal Mines: Crescent Stone Quarry, Green Oak Mines, Empire Mines, White Mines, Brost Mines,
Unnamed Mine, Excelsior Mines
Other: Hall's Station, BSS, Pleasant Valley Dairy, One of Harkness Corners
Logan Est. Nov. 6, 1849
Eden, Hanna City and Smithville (Starfield 1875)
Rail Roads: Central
Medina Est. Nov. 6, 1849
Name changed from Franklin (date unknown, probably 1850).
Towns/Villages: Alta, Mossville, Mt. Hawley and LaSalle Prairie- was W. of Rome in Medina Twp by abt 3 miles.
Rail Roads: Chicago & Rock Island, Pacific
Water Ways: Peoria Lake
Millbrook Est. Nov. 6, 1849
Elmore, Laura and Rochester
Rail Roads: Atchison & Topeka
Water Ways: French Creek and Spoon River
Other: (Chase P.O.1896) (Elmore P.O. 1875)
Princeville Est. Nov. 6, 1849
(Cornwell 1875) Princeville was Inc. Apr. 15, 1869 and Monica
Rail Roads: Topeka and Santa Fe. and Quincy
Radnor Est. Nov. 6, 1849
Name changed from Benton to Fremont and then to Radnor (dates unknown, probably 1850).
Towns/Villages: (Orange Prairie 1875)Radnor, Dunlap was Inc. Nov. 3, 1951
Minerals/Coal Mines: Evans' mill
Rail Roads: Peoria
Water Ways: Kickapoo Creek
Other: Fango Run
Richwoods Est. Nov. 6, 1849
Part of Richwoods was given to Town of the City of Peoria when it was organized in 1907.
Location: Situated in the eastern portion of Peoria County. Joining Peoria township on the North.
Named: It was called Richwoods by its first inhabitants because of its heavy timber of sugar maple, elms, walnuts and oak.
First Settler: William German in 1832 on Sec. 29
Towns/Villages: North Peoria, Averyville,
Water Ways: Peoria Lake and Illinois River
Other: Kellar Station, Beacons field, Prospect Hill, Prospect Park, Race track, County Fair grounds
Rosefield Est. Nov. 6, 1849
First Settler:
Amos Stevens at Kickapoo Forks in 1833.
Towns and Villages:
LaGrange P.O., Kramm and Oak Hill
Rail Roads: Burlington, C. B. & Q. R. R.
Other: Johnson's Run Sec.36, Langdon's Station, Combs Meeting Place
Timber Est. Nov. 6, 1849
Extreme southern point of the county. Originally chief covered with timber.
First Settlers:
 Daniel Hinkle
Lancaster laid out by Salmuel F. Bollinger on section 17.
Glassford (First named Glascoe) laid out on Dec. 9,1868 and Inc. Feb. 2, 1889
Kingston Mines formerly called Palmyra and laid out by James Monroe.
Rail Roads: Toledo, Peoria & Warsaw
Water Ways: Long Lake, Scotts Lake
Other: One of the Harker corners lies in the township. Kickapoo Forks
Trivoli Est. Nov. 6, 1849
Trivoli is Township Eight North, Range Five East 4p.m / South part of the county
First Settler
: Isaac Harkness came in 1830. Settled in in the north part of the township.
Brunswick Post Office est. 1844.,
Trivoli- .is located in the N.E. part of the Township, 18 miles due west of the City of Peoria. Laid out in 1840 or 1841.
Harkness sat about 3/4 mile west of Trivoli & 1/2 mile north.
Rail Roads: Iowa
Other: Cramer Station
City of Peoria Organized in December, 1907, from parts of the original township of Peoria and Richwoods
Towns/Villages: Peoria  Inc. Feb. 21, 1837 and South Peoria
Water Ways: Peoria Lake (Illinois River)
West Peoria Inc.. Nov. 2, 1993
Designation given to that part of the original township of Peoria not given to the Town of the City of Peoria in 1907.
(See City of Peoria above.)