Logan Township

Logan Township was settled in the year 1830. The first settler was an old Indian trader by the name of Triall, who located in the lower end of the township in that year. In 1831 Peter Mayward came and settled near him. In 1832 James Harker, J. G. S. Bohanan and Mr. Buck arrived. In 1833 J. I. Runkle, Thos. Phillips and H. J. Heaton came. In 1835 T. P. Smith, John Vanarsdall, Richard Bourne, George Sturgess and Seth Sturgess came. In 1836 and '37 M. A. Gardner, Wm. Forbes and Wm. Stratton settled in the township. The first child born was Henry Smith, son of Thos. P. Smith, in the year 1834.

The first marriage was that of James Harker Jr. to Miss Susan Van Patten in the year 1834.

The first church service was held at the house of Thos. Lane.

The first church was organized in Timber Township in the year 1840, and was removed to Smithville in the year 1853.

The first school was taught by Dr. Clark, in the Winter of 1836, in a log school-house on section 36.

The schools of Logan Township are second to none in the county outside of the city of Peoria. Their buildings are in good repair, and first-class teachers are employed.

The northern and center portion of the township is fine farming land. The southern portion, though broken, is interspersed with some fine farms.


is situated on section 22, near the center of the township. Was laid out and platted by Thomas P. Smith. It is a village of about two hundred inhabitants.

There are two general stores. J. B. Miller & Son have the leading business, and carry a stock of $3,500. J. H. Lucas deals in drugs, patent medicines, paints and oils, hardware, queens-ware and general merchandise. He established the house in 1871, and handles a stock of $3,000.

There are two churches, two blacksmith shops, and a good, comfortable school building in the place.

Source: The History of Peoria County, Illinois, Johnson & Company, Chicago, 1880.