Akron Township

Is one of the northern tier of townships bordering on Marshall county, was originally all prairie; is one of the prettiest and most fertile tracts of land, and contains some of the finest farm improvements in Peoria county. There is no incorporated town in the township. The village of Princeville lies on its western border and the hamlet and post office of West Hallock
on the eastern line, and Akron post office is near the center of the township. The soil is admirably adapted to grain-growing and grazing, especially to the production of Indian corn. Its inhabitants are intelligent and prosperous.

Settlers and First Events
The first settler of Akron township was Hugh Montgomery, who located on section 7 in 1831.
The same year D. Prince and James Morrow settled on section 31, and Thomas Morrow on section 18.

The first marriage took place in 1833, when William Morrow was united with Miss Martha White.

The first birth was Jane, daughter of Daniel and Elizabeth Prince, in February, 1832.

The first death in the township was that of Samuel Morrow, infant son of William Morrow, in 1835.

First sermon preached was by the Rev. Mr. Hill, a Methodist preacher, at the residence of James Morrow, in 1832.

The first school house was built on section 19, in 1836. The school was taught by Miss Hester Stoddard in that year.

The first church edifice was built by the Seventh-day Baptists in 1871, and was dedicated by the Rev. Nathan Wardner.

The first justice of the peace was Benjamin Slane, who was also the first supervisor.
The Rock Island and Peoria Railroad runs through the southwest corner.

West Halleck Cheese Factory was organized February, 1876.
The company composed of G. W. Butts, William Spicer, and E. W. Burdeck.
Make cheese five days in the week, and make about 11,000 pounds per month.
One day of the week (Saturday) make butter, and average 300 pounds per day.
The cost of their present factory is about $3,500.

Source: The History of Peoria County, Illinois, Johnson & Company, Chicago, 1880.

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