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Updated 17 November 2019
CIVIL WAR CENTENNIAL 1961-1965 - Perhaps our first occasion for pride is the recollection that our statesmen were among the most active in their efforts to avoid the outbreak of hostilities. None felt the tragedy of civil conflict more deeply than did the heartbroken Stephen Douglas, whose last words were an admonition to defend the Constitution and preserve the Union, or Abraham Lincoln, on whose shoulders fell the heaviest burden of them all. But when the news of the firing on Fort Sumter was heard, Illinois responded with a determination that inspires our admiration even today. The first call for troops came in April, 1861, and by October of that year, we had forty-three regiments already in service—more than the most populous state in the North. When victory had been won, the final count showed that some 35,000 Illinois men died fighting to preserve the Union. Altogether Illinois furnished about 256,000 soldiers to the Union army. If we fur- nished quantity, we also furnished quality. The two brightest names on the Union side were Lincoln and Grant. And there were others—Logan, Palmer, Ellsworth, Grierson, Baker and many more. Illinois, as well as the entire nation, commemorates the Centennial of the Civil War with observances appropriate to the ideals and memories of this greatest common experience in the history of the American people.

(Quoted from page 2 of the Civil War Centennial - 1961-1965 booklet)

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