John Rupp

RUPP, JOHN; Farmer; born June 8, 1836, in Somerset County, Pennsylvania, the son of George Rupp, a native of Maryland, and Elizabeth Rupp, a native of Connecticut. George Rupp died in Somerset County, Pennsylvania. John Rupp came to Dixon, Illinois, in 1863, and to Rosefield in 1866. He purchased his present farm in 1885. He was a member of Company C, Nineteenth United States Infantry in the War of the Rebellion and took part in the battle of Shiloh and other engagements. He married Margaret Wilkinson at Peoria, October 29, 1867. She was born in Ohio March 5, 1845, the daughter of William and Cynthia Ann (Walton) Wilkinson. Her parents came from Ohio to Rosefield Township, where her father purchased a farm in the fall of 1845. Mr. and Mrs. Rupp have eight children: Alameda, John Byron, Eliza Lena, Cynthia Centennial, Daisy Violet, Mary Dellie, Fred H. and Gale A. Alameda married William Howe. Lena was married but her husband is now deceased. Byron married Mary Hanny. Mr. Rupp was educated in the common schools. He votes the Republican ticket, and has been School Director.