William Mitchell,Esq

Mitchell, William.; Migrated to the United States from Halifax England, settling first in New Work. On the 16th of June 1832 he appeared in court to become an American citizen. From there he moved to Peoria. He became very active in the life of Peoria. He was the postmaster,corner, county clerk and circuit clerk. He was the third mayor of the City form 1847-48.He as the right worshipful Grand Secretary of the Illinois Lodge of the Masons. He married Maria Louise Heaton on March 23,1836, To that union were born three children-Francis or Fanny, William Frederick, and Mary Ann. He owned a great deal of property in the city He was attending a meeting of the grand lodge in Chicago. He became ill but did not go to a physician. He returned home and became more ill and died of cholera Oct 13, l849.He was originally buried in the Masonic cemetery but those graves were moved to Springdale and all were put in a mass grave.

Submitted by Dr.Frederick H.Richard Great, Great,Great grandson