William Cutter

Cutter, Wm., 117 S. Washington street, of the firm of Wrigley & Cutter. Is the son of Isaac and Sarah (Metcalf) Cutter. Father was a native of Vermont; mother, of Ohio. They came to Illinois at an early day, where the subject of this sketch was born on the 11th day of February, 1844. Received his education in Delphos, O., where he was sent to live with an uncle. When twenty-seven years of age, he enlisted in the 32d Ohio Infantry, Co. C, mustered at (Camp Denison) O. Was in the engagement at Cheat Mountain, and in the Shenandoah Valley, Va. Was taken prisoner, with 1,500 others, at Winchester, in the Spring of 1862. Was in Libby Prison five and one-half months, was paroled, took the small pox, and was sent to Annapolis. Was a mere skeleton, weighing only 110 pounds, when he got into Federal ranks. Thence sent to Ohio, until he was exchanged and joined his regiment at Chattanooga, and was appointed orderly sergeant. (Before being taken prisoner, was appointed division postmaster, which he held at that time. Was suspected of being an officer, and for that reason was kept in solitary confinement for forty-eight hours.)

Was at Atlanta, where he helped to build the breastworks; and at its surrender, which was the last of his soldiering. Returned to French Grove, in this county, where he taught school for one winter and then came to Peroia, where he attended Cole's Commercial College. In 1865 or 66, engaged for Geo. McClellan, Auer & White, as clerk, where he remained four years. Then engaged in the grocery business in company with Auer, firm Auer & Cutter. Mr. Wrigley having bought Mr. Auer's interest, the firm in known as Wrigley & Cutter. Carry a stock of $5,000 and do a business of $50,000 per year. Married Miss Jennie Wrigley Oct. 20, 1869. She was born in Peoria county. The fruit of this marrige is three children: Anna, Charlie and May.

from The History of Peoria County, Illinois, Johnson & Co., 1880