Herriman Couch

Couch, Herriman, physician and surgeon, 800 N. Adams street, was born on the 20th day of April, 1824, in Merrimack county, New Hampshire, where he remained until 1840, then went to Concord and entered upon the study of medicine and worked at printing business as a means of support. In 1843 went to Boston and attended his first course of lectures, and remained two years. Then, on account of failing health, traveled abroad three years. Came to New Orlenas. From there went to Wisconsin. Married Anna Parshal in 1848, and in 1850 came to Peoria and commenced the publication of a weekly paper called the Voice of the People, it being the third paper published in Peoria. In April, 1852, his first wife died, and in 1854 married Mrs. M. A. Gilbert, a native of New York city, who came here in 1834. The fruit of this marriage was two children -- a boy and a girl. Mr. H. was in the War of the Rebellion about 18 months; has pursued the practice of medicine since. His family are members of the Congregational Church. While in South America, he went aboard a ship which proved to be a slaver, and while on a trip to the east coast of Africa, were overhauled by an English frigate and taken into Cape Town on suspicion, but there not being evidence sufficient to convict, were released.

from The History of Peoria County, Illinois, Johnson & Co., 1880